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Choosing a good piercer

Choosing a good body piercer

To avoid a bad experience, it is important to take the time to choose a good studio and the right person who will pierce you.
A lot of people improvise when it comes to body piercing because it is a profession that isn’t regulated.

Be careful!

  • First step, visit the studio in mind without the intention of getting pierced.  This way, you will not be nervous and you will be able to better appreciate the cleanliness and the quality of the service.

Remember that the world of tattoo and piercing is still a marginal middle.
Have a positive attitude towards those in this field of work.
Be respectful and your experience will only be better.

The best way to rate a body piercer is to observe their work.

  • Discuss with clients their experience if possible.
  • Ask to see a PORTFOLIO with photos of body piercing performed by the artist, preferably healed piercings.

Ask questions.  Ask the piercer what their procedure is and what tools they use.

Guns or punches are not to be used for body piercing.

  • Hypodermic needles should be used.  They must be sterilized and used once only.
  • The jewellery must be made of surgical steel or titanium.
  • The jewellery must be sterilized before each piercing.
  • The tools used (forceps, clamps, tubes and rod inserts should be sterilized between each client.

Some people believe that it is more secure to use silver or gold.  In fact, these two material contain many impurities and have a higher risk of irritations and allergic reactions.

Ask all the questions you have, even if they seem stupid.  Professional piercers like to share their knowledge with their clients.  Thus distinguishing them from improvised piercers.

Your piercer should be able to answer all of your questions professionally and without hesitation concerning sterilization, the procedure, your choice of jewellery, the healing process and the risks.

Your piercing should be done in a closed room, in private.  Your piercer should explain to you how to take care of your piercing verbally and should given you a written document explaining the aftercare that you can read at home.

Studios that respect all of these procedures may be a little bit more expensive but they take good care of your health.


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