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Choosing a good tattoo artist

Choosing a talented Tattoo artist

Choose Tattoo Voodoo Studio from Granby.

Now that you have chosen a clean and secure studio, you need to know how talented the artists are.

  • Ask to see their portfolio as well as the photos and the drawings of the tattoo they have done.
  • The photos must be clear to be able to see the details of the tattoos.  Photos from magazines are not acceptable unless they are photos of the tattoos done by the artist in question.
  • Observe the quality of the lines and the color and determine if the style of the artist pleases you.  If the artist does not have a portfolio, it may be because the artist does not have much experience.  Do not take the risk, tattoos are permanent and you do not want a bad tattoo.
  • Discuss with the artist what you would like, you will see if you get along well with the artist.  After all, you will be in the company of the artist for a good amount of time : you should feel comfortable with the person.
  • The studio should have a good collection of flash (drawings), but do not hesitate to bring your own ideas, drawings or sketches.  The artist should be able to prepare the drawing how you want it.  That’s what is best for you!!

Book an appointment
Studios that respect all sterilization procedures at cleanliness often work upon appointment.

You must permit yourself to be patient enough to wait a few weeks or even a few months before getting your tattoo.
You will be sure of the quality of your tattoo that you will proudly wear for the rest of your life.

A deposit is asked for when booking your appointment. (This deposit is non-refundable)
Booking an appointment is a serious matter !
100$ (+tx) per hours

Before your appointment, eat a good meal : you will need the energy.
Bring some of your favourite music and relax, have confidence in your tattoo artist.

Good tattooing!


329 Principale, Granby Qc J2G 2W3

Opening hours
Thuesday 10h to 16h
Wednesday 10h to 18h
Thursday 10h to 18h
Friday 10h to 21h
Saturday 10h to 16h

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