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Tattoo care

Tattoo care

Choose Tattoo Voodoo Studio from Granby.

The tattoo is open to infections during healing. Proper care is important to limit the risk of infection.
Always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before touching your tattoo.

PurSan is a manufactured product in Canada under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
This mild soap kills viruses and eliminates micro-bacteria without burning or irritating the skin.
It is designed to revitalize, refresh and purify piercing and / or tattoo.
Tattoo should be cleaned 2 x a day with the PURSAN (recommanded by your tattoo artist)
On sale directly at the Granby Tattoo voodoo studio for only $ 10.99 + tx.

In the shower, use PurSan
Clean your tattoo, soap for 3 minutes and rinse with mild water. Only with hands without washcloth.
Repeat 2 TIMES PER DAY during 10 days.

Apply VITAMIN A and D Ointment 2 to 3 times daily in THIN LAYER for 48 hours (Maximum 3 x daily).

After apply a handcream (Aveno). Don’t let your tattoo dry… your colors will fade.

Healing process should take 7-10 days.
(Healing will be complete when your tattoo has lost all those flakes of black or colors.)
The care of your tattoo is your entire responsability.

Always keep your tattoo clean and in the open air.


Friction caused by jewelry or clothes. (7-10 days)
Tanning salon (1 month)
Sun (1 month) After protect your tattoo with a suncreen (spf60+)
Pool, lake, spa (10 days)
Bandage (Never)

If the rules have not been respected , 80$ +tx will be charged for your touch-ups.

Thank you for your trust. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



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