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Choosing a good studio

Choosing a safe studio

Choose Tattoo Voodoo Studio from Granby.

Choosing a tattoo and or piercing studio should not be taken lightly.  If you do not take the time to choose the proper studio for a tattoo or a piercing, your experience may not be a good one.  Many people tend to offer these services and do not follow proper procedures : be careful!

A few simple questions and a little bit of observation can help you avoid a bad experience.

  • Is the shop clean and well arranged?
  • Does the shop own a sterilizer? Ask to see it.
  • Do they do spore tests to control the proper function of the sterilizer?  Ask to see the results.  If no test have been made, change shops!

Remember that those who work in the profession of tattoos and piercing are still in a middle marginal.  Have a positive attitude towards the people in this field.  Respect is a virtue very much appreciated. When choosing to get a tattoo, you are exposing yourself to certain diseases.  (Hepatitis A, B and C, HIV etc.)  Ask your tattooed or piercer questions: your health is on the line!

Your tattooer and or piercer should respect the following safety measures:

  • The needles must be sterile and only used once.
  • The tattoo tubes (pen) must be sterilized between each client.
  • The forceps and other clamps must be sterilized between each client.
  • Lamps, bottles of soap, machines, electric wires and everything that has a chance of coming into contact with blood must be covered by a plastic shield.  This plastic must be changed and disposed of between clients.
  • All work surfaces must be cleaned with a disinfectant after each client.  Do not hesitate to ask to see the procedure.
  • The tattoo artist and or piercer must explain to you how to take proper care of your tattoo verbally and give you a paper with written instructions for the care.  The person must not hide anything from you.


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