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I, Patricia Massé am the sole owner of Tattoo Voodoo Studio in Granby since 2009.  In the past, I was associated with Daniel Labonté.

– in 1990 –

Tattoo Voodoo Studio in Granby started there shop in a small apartment in Rougemont.

– in 1993 –

Clients would come to Rougemont from Granby to get tattooed.  For this reason, we decided to try our establishment in Granby.
To evaluate our clientele, we rented a locale at the Kiosque de Granby on Principale Street.
The only kiosque that did well was ours!

So we decided to take a leap into the unknown and have our own tattoo shop.
In December 1993, we rented our first commercial locale.  It was situated at 318-B Principale, Granby.
Daniel took care of tattoos and piercing and I took care of customer service.

It was a little later that Daniel gave me a basic training on how to pierce.
I learned a lot on my own and with precious advice from other experienced piercers.

– in 1996 –

In 1996, we moved to 306-1 Principale, Granby above Bronzage Granby.
We stayed there for approximately 4 years.  The space needed was bigger than out locale.

– in 2000 –

So, in July 2000, we moved to where we are now at 329 Principale, Granby.
This locale is perfect for the Voodoo team.
Over the years, the Voodoo team has visited and has participated in many international conventions.
Being present at these events has made us known internationally.

The Tattoo Voodoo team is constantly evolving in the art of tattoos and body piercing.

Art is my Life!



From left to right: Jean-Philippe Tremblay (Spank boo), Maxime Lacoste, Véronique thibodeau, Patricia Massé and Anik Beauregard



329 Principale, Granby Qc J2G 2W3

Opening hours
Thuesday 10h to 16h
Wednesday 10h to 18h
Thursday 10h to 18h
Friday 10h to 21h
Saturday 10h to 16h

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